Finding Good Essay Topics About Music: Great Techniques That Work

For people like you, music is more than just a distraction - it is life. You’ve lived it, breathed it, and now you’re studying it. But is it possible to write a strong, solid essay on something so beautiful? The answer is yes indeed, it’s more than possible. With the proper techniques, you can turn that beautiful sonata into a scholarly work of literature.

5 Tips on Finding Good Essay Topics About Music

  1. Listen to it
  2. This may seem like a no-brainer, but actually set aside time to listen to different songs. Find a quiet area, relax in a big comfy chair, and just blast the sound of it. Grab a notepad and pen, and write down every single feeling you have while listening to the various melodies. Do this for a solid 20 minutes, listening to various pieces, and I guarantee you’ll have at least one useful topic.

  3. Variety is key
  4. Don’t just stick to the same genre you usually listen to. If you’re into heavy-rap, why not give country music a shot? Better yet, why not write a paper on the lyrical differences between rap and country? The more you think about musical essay topics, the more they should come to you.

  5. Ask your teacher
  6. Chances are if they’re your music teacher, they’ve gone through a post-graduate experience studying exactly what you are. They’re full of knowledge, and generally if you ask, they’ll help. Don’t do it in the middle of class, however. Always make sure to stay behind on your own time when you’re going to ask for help like this.

  7. Browse the internet
  8. The internet is jam packed full of debates on songs and sounds. You could even find arguments between two people online and use their ideas of hate and turn it into an essay about music. If there’s one thing people are passionate about, it’s the way different musicians have affected them. Looking in musical forums is a surefire way to find a topic or two to write an entire paper on.

  9. Think about your own experiences
  10. If you’re studying this, it means that it is a topic that is highly important to you. Sit down and think about your past and how musical instruments or musical lyrics have impacted your life and in what way. Chances are, you could write an entire assignment on the effects songs or scores have had in your life. Always double check with professors if you take this approach, but there’s nothing saying that you can’t turn your own life experiences with music into a brilliant essay.

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