Creating a Brilliant High School Process Analysis Essay

School is in session and with it comes a multitude of different assignments which plague all students as they try and complete their studies. When you are tasked with creating a high school process analysis essay and of course, would prefer it to be brilliant then consider following these tips to creating the best end product possible for your project.

What is a process analysis essay?

When you first receive this assignment the initial reaction may be to panic. What is a process analysis essay? How do you write one? What does include or not include? These reactions can be very typical, much like when you first sit down to take a test and your mind goes blank. After the initial panic resides you may remember from class or could do a simple search and determine that a process analysis essay is essentially a glorified form of instructions on how to complete a task or describes how something happens in a sequential order.

Sounds easy right? But, how do you take an everyday process and describe it in a brilliant essay?

Elaborate on the details

The first step to taking an ordinary process essay and converting it to an extraordinary one is to elaborate on the details. Look at these two examples for getting a pot and the stove to boil water; number 1 is ordinary and number 2 is extraordinary.

  1. Put water in pot and place on the stove. Turn on the burner and wait.
  2. When you find yourself in need of hot boiling water start by selecting the appropriate sized pan. Fill the pan approximately one inch from the top with water and add salt if needed for flavoring. Turn on the burner to the maximum setting and wait until the water reaches 100 degrees Celsius or the boiling point of water.

Number one shows a very simple process yet number two elaborates on the steps and adds some additional details making the entire process description much easier to read.

When you are in High School a seemingly boring task can be turned into a brilliant work simply by looking at the details involved in the process. So, when you are tasked with a process analysis paper do not be content with just a normal and boring process description, instead, take the essay from normal to extraordinary with just a little bit of additional effort.

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