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Essays are the friends of some and the enemy of many. Students who feel that they aren’t word-minded or creative with language often have a mental block when it comes to creating content from scratch. So in the interest of removing that writer’s block from your brain, here are some simple steps to follow every time you write an essay or do your homework. You can use these guides to check yourself and make corrections as you go.

Planning and drafting your essay

Planning well takes a lot of the work out of your essay. You can outline your essay as a starting point and then go back to it later with a fresh mind.

Adding and removing key ideas during the process is fine. The best strategy to follow is to write a rough draft first, and then write your final product later on.

Check whether you’ve used punctuation marks in the correct places and if you’re not sure, refer to one of the many punctuation guides available online.

Cementing your paragraphs together

A good guide to follow for every essay you write from today onwards is to connect your paragraphs properly. Do this by taking the last sentence of your paragraph and seeing if the first sentence from the next paragraph successfully flows from it. If it doesn’t, it means you may not be following a coherent order. You may have to rearrange paragraphs, or even reshuffle your content to make it all fit together nicely. Here a few tips that professional writers for hire are used to follow.

Proofread at least twice

You should read through your essay at least twice after writing it. At least one of those proofreads should be out loud so that you can detect any obvious grammar mistakes.

Making every sentence count

After your second proofreading session, you can put in some extra effort that is sure to win you points. Take each sentence individually and look out for the following:

Correct or remove any sentences that don’t contribute to your essay as a whole. Your teacher will immediately notice the effort you’ve put into your essay if you do this.

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