List Of Original Opinion Essay Prompts For 5th Grade Students

An opinion essay is also known as a persuasive essay. The student will have to choose a topic that is based on their opinion of it. They will have to choose a side, whether to support it or oppose it, and then give reasons as to why they chose that particular side, and information that supports their stance.

For example, if they choose one ice cream flavour over another, one reason that could support their opinion is that whatever flavour they chose tastes better than the other option.

Students should be able to write a clear and convincing statement at a fifth grade level. They should write a paper that introduces their topic, states their opinion, and provides facts to support that opinion. All of this should be done in an organized and detailed manner.

Learning to write such essays will help to strengthen their writing and language skills, and prepare them for the future – middle school and high school.

To begin the essay prompt, you need to select a topic. Below is a variety to choose from:

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