The Equality of the Sexes

The inclusion of men and women in almost all spheres of the society has been a big subject in our society today. There are positions held in the society today that women are not equal to men mentally in every aspect. As a result, women have excessively been limited in the manner in which they exercise their imaginations. They have normally channeled out this creativity into a slander gossip and fashion to unbelievably skilled heights. Well, the issue of equality has been misunderstood and some scholars believe that it is not right to show favors to one gender in the sense that the world is very competitive. While, conventional female activities like cooking and sewing will not show forth the creativity of women and their intellect as well fully, they all must be willing to work to come to the required standards of whatever they feel they are capable to do. Otherwise, equality will not be exercised on the part of their male counterparts in an occasion where women are given favors over the men.

It is true that women have been denied the chance to show forth their talents and instead have continued to work in these activities that do not need a lot of attention and thought. Therefore, they should be presented with an equal opportunity of gaining the ability to learn and express themselves through other avenues. Between 2-year olds of different sexes, the girl has always been found to be wiser than the male counterpart. However, this basic fact has been ignored in the continued development of the child. We all have been presented with same opportunities in nature to be equals but men have always presented themselves as more superior than the women. It is culture that has taught us this way and not the tenets of nature.

Therefore while the subject on equality of sexes is an issue of creating a balance between men and women in terms of functionality, the weight has be more on matters affecting women than men. They have shifted drastically in what looks like women want free offers from men or rather from the society. Well, while women have same abilities in almost every aspect of life, their functioning in such areas should be allowed to take effect naturally. There should not be coercion and neither should there be guarantees that things will just come out automatically for either gender. This is what equality is all about!

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