12 Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Dogs And Cats

When you talk of pets, two animals that come instantly to mind are cats and dogs. Interestingly, they are both the genesis of two major families; the cat family and dog family. The former lineage boasts of panther, tiger and lion while the latter has fox, wolf and bear.

Natural scope

Therefore, they offer natural scope for compare and contrast essay. They can be compared on various fronts, thus offering spice for the essays. Here are 12 exciting topic for compare and contrast essays –

  1. Compare the attitude of cats and dogs as pets – Cats tend to have more attitude than dogs in general. However, once adopted, they may show different signs.
  2. Contrast the activity levels of cats and dogs in general – Dogs are active during night while cats are more of a day animal. There are other layers to their activity levels.
  3. Compare the faithfulness of cats and dogs to their owners – Dogs are way more faithful than cats, but clearly there would be more to it in the essay.
  4. Cats search for comfortable areas in the home; say, sofa cushions Dogs look for mats and rugs. Assess their general tendencies at home – It would be interesting to compare their lifestyle at home.
  5. Sophisticated people go for cats; functional fellows have proclivity towards dogs. Assess – This is a general observation, but of course, things can be different under different circumstances.
  6. Compare the food habits of cats and dogs as pets – Dogs can survive even when starving; cats cannot. They stick to meat but have different priorities.
  7. Assess general inclination of dogs and cats towards hygiene – This would be a funny take on their cleaning habits.
  8. Contrast the independence levels of cats and dogs; evaluate the comparative level of attention they desire – Dogs are known to desire more attention than cats. Their independence level is a different story altogether.
  9. Compare the decreasing level of instinct, as cats and dogs become homely – Cats do not lose their hunting instinct but dogs have it blunted. Assess in your essay.
  10. Compare the adaptation levels of cats and dogs, say, in a constricted space – Cats and dogs take differently to the availability of space.
  11. Explain the general behavior of cats and dogs when guests arrive – Strangers tend to make both cats and dogs active; but in a different way. An essay beckons.
  12. Evaluate cats and dogs’ amenability towards training – Dogs are easier to train than cats; but are the cats more amenable once the process starts. Evaluate.

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