Five Great Suggestions On How To Write A Marketing Reflective Essay

Reflective essay assignments on any topic require students to write on how something – anything from a book to an article to a person to an event – has profoundly affected them either negatively or positively. Writing this kind of assignment in marketing is no different. Here are five suggestions for writing a great marketing reflective essay for a top grade:

  1. Select a topic and pick out its major themes
  2. There is a lot to discuss in the field of marketing, and since it’s always changing you should be able to find original topics fairly easily. Brainstorm a few concepts, readings, or advertisements you have enjoyed. Focus on something in which you can find other supportive information so you can explore your subject thoroughly. Pick out a few major themes and start looking for some evidence supporting your initial ideas.

  3. Answer the question: What has this topic meant to me?
  4. In marketing reflective essay assignments it’s not enough to merely present a topic and provide evidence in support of your thesis. You should provide some background as to the reason you selected the topic to begin with. How has it shaped your views towards the subject in general? How does it influence your decisions in other aspects of this field of study? These questions should give you a greater personal understanding of how the topic has impacted your life.

  5. Structure your paper in a logical way
  6. All great papers should be well-structured to help readers understand all of the points a writer is trying to convey. In this kind of assignment it’s good to start with an outline where you organize things logically. Before getting into the body paragraphs you might start with an intro that expresses the questions you answered above. This gives the reader some insight as to how your paper will develop.

  7. Use descriptive language for greater effect
  8. Unlike other types of writing assignments, a marketing reflective essay closely resembles a kind of short story – starting from how something has personally impacted you to a personal analysis of the kinds of things surrounding the topic. It’s a good idea to employ the use of some descriptive language to get your ideas across more clearly. It’s still good to use simple English but you can move away from using strict academic language.

  9. Provide a clear summary of your thoughts
  10. Lastly, it’s a good idea to use your concluding paragraph to summarize your findings. Touch on each body paragraph in a few sentences, but more importantly show what it all means in terms of how this has affected your life. A good summary will bring the reader back to the beginning and provide a sense of closure to your essay.

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