Top 10 Expert Tips For Effective Essay Writing

  • Read the instructions at least twice. This is really important. It is so easy to miss some of the detail in the instructions which may cause you to spend time planning an paper on the wrong topic or genre or even miss the submission date.

  • Think. If the instructions have already given you a question that needs to be answered in essay form start to make notes about how you will respond. If this you have to decide on your own topic go to the next tip.

  • Topic decisions. This can be more time consuming, but the most important thing is to choose a topic that you feel comfortable writing about, or that is relevant to you. you may need to do a bit more research but that will enhance your writing.

  • Brainstorm. If you are still not sure or feel that there are gaps in your plan the you may need to spend a few minutes just writing down a few ideas and deciding how they fit together and how these ideas can flow logically.

  • Title or Thesis Statement. This needs to tell your reader what your work entails, make sure that it includes the main idea behind your work. If you are not sure write down a title then you can go back to it later to refine.

  • Start with the introduction. Give a quote that is relevant to your writing or a brief anecdote. Guide you reader in to why you have decide on this topic and what is the most interesting aspect. Don’t give everything away right at the start.

  • Main Body. Each paragraph in this section will have the same structure. The first sentence will introduce one of your main ideas; the following sentences will contain supporting evidence. The last sentence will conclude the paragraph and lead into the next paragraph.

  • Conclusion. This is the part that brings everything together, you will need to sum up your overall ideas and give a good perspective about the topic and the stance that you have taken on it. Review all of the points that you have made to make sure it reinforces your title.

  • Checking and reviewing. Read through your work. Remember that your strongest points need to be made in the Introduction and in the Conclusion. Make sure that paragraphs follow a logical sequence of thought.

  • Proofread your work. Do not rely totally on the spell checker. Get someone else to read through your work and check for grammar. Go back your instructions and make sure that your work meets the brief.

  • Happy Writing.

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