General Advice On Writing A 3 Paragraph Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is meant to convince the reader into buying into your point of view and crossing him over to agree to your opinion and way of thinking. The infusion of your ideas should flow from one section to another so that the reader is engraved into reading it and obtain the maximum information that can be obtained from it.

A general view of such an article is that it contains the introduction part followed by the body and the conclusion of the entire article. Writing a three paragraph of the article is thus a challenging concept unless you know just the exact information to include in these parts.

Since this article is for convincing the reader, just ensure that you do that because at the end of the day what will matter is that the final consumer of your writing is bought over into your line of thinking.


Here give the preview of what the topic is all about and what the reader is to expect in the subsequent sections. Introduce the idea by giving a brief discussion of the same and shedding a small light on how the rest of the topic will be consequently.

Ensure that this part is attractive and captivating to the reader so that he/she is glued to read the other parts of the article. The topic you write about should be one you are passionate of an enthusiastic enough to share. Moreover you should be knowledgeable of the topic and interested to do a research that will further increase your understanding of the topic.

In writing this section, you should have drawn a rough sketch of how you will list down your ideas and the lay out. Your planning must be up to the mark so that nothing is left out.


Here is where the details are enumerated and explained. A good practise to make it a success is by comparing and contrasting between two ideas that are disputed upon. Try to outline the pros and cons that are cognizant and show the nitty-gritty of each of them. Additionally give more merits on the one that you would love your reader to select.


In this section, summarise all the ideas that you have discussed in the essay and show where your stance but don’t be sentimental. Clearly state why you support a given idea. Make your opinion clear and why you recommend it to be also accepted by others.

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