Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are adverse and fatal events that result from the environmental factors and damage property injure people and even cause death. The major known disasters include landslides, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, windstorms and diseases that happen without warning. I have been researching about Natural Disasters during my free time. I was astonished to note that in most cases these disasters occur in the same manner and nothing much change. It is, however, sad to note that their effect is always fatal and not many governments are prepared in cases of disaster. Despite the fact that nothing much seems to change in the nature of these disasters, people ignore significant facts and end up napping when they are caught in trouble. Disasters are known for crumbling the economies of the affected regions in a devastating way. It may take a long time to come out of the economic stress or damage caused by these disasters’. It sometimes depends on the way the community reacts to the situation and the help that is offered to them by the rest of the world.

Protection by the international law

In the event of disasters, property is destroyed and many people are displaced from their homes. The international law seeks to protect the rights of these people. Through the Geneva Conventions, those displaced by natural disasters are entitled to help from the central governments of their states. This has been seen where governments collaborate and work together with the Red Cross to rescue people during disasters. The government should also provide places for shelter, food, health care and other essentials. The protection law also extends to those persons with disabilities. International bodies fighting for the rights of persons with disabilities, require federal governments to make sure that persons with disabilities are protected and safe in events of risks that include natural disasters.

Natural Disaster Risk Reduction

There is a great need to know assess and understand the risks and the disasters that are associated with a certain region. With adequate knowledge, you can take measures to reduce the risks. A lot of destruction occurs because people are never prepared for disasters. UN is on the front line in trying to reduce the risks of natural disasters. Governments have invested in research on the environmental factors that that trigger disasters. Once there is adequate information, states will give timely notices to move away from vulnerable areas and this will minimize the loss of lives and even property.

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