Youth And Gang Violence

Street gangs have a huge influence over kids and teenagers all over America and this influence has only been increasing during the last few decades. A lot effort is put into trying to keep the children away from gangs and their action. This problem is well-known and worked on by teachers, parents, advisors and education councellors. However, street gangs still find their way around and get more and more members and victims every year.

Gangs lure kids in with money and protection, which is why their influence is extremely big in poor areas, which don't have a lot of other sources of income for youth. Kids think that they can support their families, which often don't have any other source of income, and have some money for themselves. Moreover, there are normally several gangs for a small town and kids are offered to be protected from rival gangs, which are described as extremely violent. Chilrden, especially those, who lack care at home, think of their gangs as of family.

Gangs profit from using children for their operations, because they are easy to persuade, complete some actions without thinking twice or realizing that it is bad, and it's harder to track the crime back to the gang and find the person, really responsible for it. Moreover, kids face an absolutely differrent type of lawful punishment and gangs don't risk exposure that much as by using adults.

However, it's not all that bright for children that become a part of the gang. They are often used for unlawful and, sometimes, cruel deeds and operations, like drug trade, smuggling, thefts or even murders. Some kids never realize what they've gotten thems into until it's too late to stop. If a kid wants out or refuses to complete a task, given by a senior gang member, they can get beaten, threatened with exposure to police or physical actions against their families etc. Moreover, a lot of kids start using drugs that they get from the gang and cannot quite beacuse they are afraid to be cut-off.

In small towns and suburbs around 1/3 or more of all children belong to different gangs. The number of incidents that involve underaged children grows everyday. This is a long path to take, but communities and parents need to get involved more by taking care of children, talking to them and creating a pleasant envornment for children to stop this statistics from growing.

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