Social Inequalities

Social inequalities are found in most of the societies. Social inequalities are socially created. It mainly focuses on the unfair distribution of the available resources based on some factors for example gender and ethnicity. Social inequalities have an effect on uneven or unfair distribution of resources in the society. It means that some people in the societies are disadvantaged in a way or another. This is what causes the fact that the wealthy people always get wealthier and the poor remain poor and become poorer. The reason the trade unions are very vigilant is to try curbing the growth in social injustices and advocating for fair distribution of the available resources to all people without discrimination or unfairness on social grounds. Countries legislations also include anti-discrimination laws to curb the same.

Social Status and Social Inequalities

In today’s world, people with the highest social status are those who have had the best education, have had the best employment opportunities and consequently earn the highest income in any given society. Those with higher social status have high living standards. They can easily afford luxurious shelter, luxurious cars, food and entertainment. More so they are able to seek and access high-quality medical care. They are wealthy and, therefore, can afford anything they wish for. They can, therefore, afford best schools for the best education for their children and the cycle continues so that wealthy families remain wealthy and get wealthier. On the other hand, however, those who have low paying jobs may not have had the best education there is since they could not afford it. Their children thus enroll in public schools, they may even miss some meals and the access to medical care is made difficult since they have to travel in buses and may not have enough funds to seek quality medical care for their families.

Gender and Social Inequalities

Gender discrimination has been there in various societies. Women mostly suffer the consequences. They are denied jobs they qualify for just because they are women and their roles are socially defined. They, therefore, miss high income generating opportunities. Some communities also deny girls the opportunity for further education and chose to educate their boys. There are societies that believe that no woman can be a superior to a workplace with men. This highly disadvantages the women. They are considered subordinates at work as they should be at home.

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