20 Great Topic Ideas For Your Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is the type of assignment, which requires the students to describe or explain a subject using the five basic senses. They have to give details of the what, where, how and when of the subject. The subject of this style of assignment could be a physical place, person, idea, memory, dream, or an object. It is important that you are well familiar with the subject of your assignment so that you can describe it easily to your readers. This essay is of four major types including narrative, expository, argumentative and description. You are free to use the first person and narrate the experience because you are describing something from your own perspective. It is better that you read a few essays of this style before writing your own so that you know what to include in the paper and how to include it

The topic for a descriptive essay

The topic of your essay is important in engaging your audience as well as describing the scope of your paper. It should be flexible enough to support the type of the paper. When you choose the topic of your assignment, you have to make sure that it is narrow enough to be addressed in your paper and broad enough to cover the scope of work. It is better to add filters and narrow down the general subject to get a potential area worth writing.

If you are having a tough time in writing a good topic for your descriptive essay, then you should consider getting some ideas for help. These ideas will help you choose a strong topic or trigger more titles in your mind. You can consider brainstorming and elimination to gather unique and original ideas for your paper

  1. The day without any electricity
  2. A prepping practice with my family and friends
  3. The man who rescued a dog risking his life
  4. Dog shows and how effective they are
  5. Having to visit a vet surgeon for your pet
  6. Thunder storming in my state few days back
  7. The government strategy for controlling flood
  8. Seeing a murder at a young age
  9. Going fishing with my dad
  10. Living in a fantasy
  11. Loans and interest
  12. Islamic banking
  13. Debt management
  14. Cash flow and what I learnt
  15. A day at the park
  16. A night at the museum
  17. Celebrating Christmas
  18. Living on the edge
  19. Seeing the first snowfall
  20. Experiencing love

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