7 Tips On Selecting A Custom Essay Writing Agency

Hiring a custom writing agency is not difficult if you keep the following tips in your mind

  1. Check the reputation of the company to see that they write high quality papers and the customers rely on them. A company with bad reviews from customers is not reliable
  2. Make sure the writers have advanced level qualification in your subject. You are going to pay for the assignment so you need to make sure that a professional is writing it.
  3. Check their portfolio samples to see the quality of their writing and match it to your requirements. You can see by looking at the samples, what kind of jobs they do or who their past clients are. This will help you determine whether you should choose them or not. If a company does not show you their portfolio then you should never rely on them
  4. Talk to a representative to explain your requirements and check the quality of their services. You can discuss the terms and payment policy for the task as well as ask their work process. When you talk to a representative, you need to keep in mind that this represents the quality of the company’s services. If you feel that the person is fair enough and has the right product knowledge then you should assume the company would be good as well. If the support representative is not good then the company will also be like that.
  5. Check the payment gateway they use and make sure it is safe and secure. You should not pay someone through online bank transfers or give them your personal bank account details. Only rely on a company if it is supported by third party payment gateway, which is reliable.
  6. Never pay complete amount upfront whether you know the agency or not. Professional writers and companies set milestones and take payments as each milestone is achieved. You may pay half the payment in advance and leave the rest for the completion of the paper. Remember to check your paper carefully and never pay the complete amount before you are 100% satisfied.
  7. Give them a list of requirements that they can follow to write an essay according to your preferences. This should include the instructions by your teacher as well as your own personal ideas for the assignment. You can specify the word count, the length, the sources, the style and other restrictions to make the paper a perfect match to your requirements.

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