Korean Pop Music

Korean Pop Music is popular all over the world. Korean Pop music has improved over the years with modernization. Through Korean Pop Music, the cultural practices and believes of the people of Korea have been maintained and carried on to all generations. The pop music industry in Korea is one of those which have been growing rapidly. Much has been done to improve on the Korean Pop Music.Notably those who mainly participate in the pop music in Korea are the teenagers and youths. The quality and rate of growth of the Korean Pop Music is impressive to most people in different parts of the world. The quality draws more people to the music and thus the higher popularity. Korean Pop Music is normally well composed, and bands are well organized in dances and movements.

Impact of Korean Pop Music on the Teenagers and Youths

Korean pop music is a major source of entertainment in Korea and also in other parts places in the world as a result of the popularity of this music. The majority of pop music artists and dancers in Korea are teenagers and youths. The impact is positive but also has disadvantages. One of the advantages of Korean Pp music for the youths is the fact that it makes the youths more knowledgeable. During composing of the music the research done adds to the knowledge of the teenagers and youths. Another advantage is that the teens and youths have something better to do rather than be idle. This prevents them from getting involved in wasteful and risky activities such as doing drugs. The teenagers and youths also get a chance to grow in the music career through the Korean Pop Music. Through drama and dances, the teens and youths learn of their culture and are able to preserve it. However, Pop music can be obsessive to the youths. Some want to remain glued to the television all the time to watch the music. Others want to attend every pop music concert and miss none. This way time for studies may be wasted in pop music watching and attending of pop music concerts.

Role of Korean Pop Music

One of the roles of Korean Pop Music is the preservation of the culture of the people and ensuring it is not lost and forgotten. Including the cultural practices in the pop music and dances ensures that it is learnt by all the people. It is a source of entertainment too.

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