Rastafarian Movement

Rastafarian Movement is one of the largest followed movements today. However, it has not been like that since the movement first came to light in the 1930s. It faced a lot of resistance and many people wrote it off and said that it will soon die off. It, however, stood the test of fire, and that is why it is a great movement today. In the past, it was just a thing that people associated with. It did not matter to many people and barely was it talked about. Even in Jamaica where it is significantly practiced today, it did not mean much. All that was there and clear to all was the bad things that it was associated with. It was associated with crime, use of marijuana and unkempt dreadlocks. For these reasons, not many people that liked being associated with the movement. In the 1970s, the founding fathers of the movement made some changes to it. They even renamed it and it was called the Rastafari. This was seen as a new beginning. It started to gain popularity. Its followers grew to above one million with its sympathizers being double the number. The fan base for reggae music grew tremendously after this change. It got a lot of attention and was a cultural trend in the whole world. Many people started to study about it, the social economic and political factors affecting its growth.

The Believes of the Rastafarians

The fight belief that saw it faces a significant opposition in some regions and especially in the West was belief in the beauty of the black people and the African culture. A white man is seen to be evil and especially in their deeds towards the black man. Redemption is believed to be in Ethiopia. They also believe that Haile Selassie is the black Messiah. God dwells in man and therefore man is God. There is a supreme being that God dwells most in and that is their leader Haile Selassie the first. They also believe that man is only called to protect and enjoy lie. Salvation is earthly and therefore people should protect the environment.

Surge of Rastafarian Movement

During its initial years, there were many things that happened and led to the high publicity of the movement. Selassie promised to felly all the Rastafarians in the West to Ethiopia. News spread that ships were being made to transport people. Many Rastafarians in Jamaica sold their property waiting to move. This was significantly covered by journalists.

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