Video Game Addiction

From the young to the old, everyone seems to be enjoying playing video games. The developers have made it easy for one to get captivated in such activities to the extent that people spend hours trying to win and rise through the levels. More so, there are chances of winning cash prizes if one becomes a winner. Nonetheless, such games have also become very addictive. And, just like many other forms of addiction, people addicted to video games deny that they need help. However, by observing various signs of the addiction to video games, it is possible to deal help the affected person deal with the issue amicably.

Changes in Behavior

The first sign of video game addiction is a feeling of restlessness when one is unable to play the games in a long time. The only relief, then, becomes when the game is played for several hours in a day. Further, one may realize that the effected person is always thinking about the games they have played in the past. In fact, such an activity will form a part of their main conversation. More so, once the family members or friends raise concerns over the issues, they will resort to lying about their whereabouts, and what they have spent their time doing. It is also possible for them to ruin relationships and run away from social responsibilities.

Physically, after spending hours on the computer or any other device, an individual will become tired and may even have constant headaches. Also, migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome may be experienced. An individual will note that medication to alleviate the pain may not be as helpful as encouraging the individual to rest for a while. Unfortunately, the affected person may not be ready to take rest, making the situation even worse. In addition, they will look unkempt and dirty because they have time to clean their rooms or take baths.

Financial Drains

Financially, the addicted person will be affected in that they have to keep borrowing money or spending their earnings on the game. They will also not have time to search for better jobs. It is also possible for them to neglect their financial obligations. Indeed, though video games can be fun, they can also be very addictive and thus affecting an individual’s social, economical, and physical wellbeing. Therefore, family and friends around the addicted persons should observe the related symptoms so that they can help them avoid or deal with the consequences.

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