Where to Find a Good Example of an Article Evaluation Essay

An article review essay is when you as the writer reviews and evaluates another author’s work. The work can be in the form of a variety of mediums. Often instructors will assign this composition in order for students to use their evaluation and analysis skills. The young author must be able to analyze the writing with a focus on the main points, the theme, and the writer’s style. Another word for an evaluation essay is a review. They require the author to have a strong opinion, to evaluate, and to thoroughly know the subject. When you want to find a good sample you can check at:

Your article review could be on a movie, book, website, museum, concert, play, park, or store among other things. If you are able to reference enough models from critical analysis books, newspapers, and your teacher you will soon master the art of the good evaluation essay. You will use your criteria to evaluate the subject you or your teacher has chosen. Your criteria could be the plot, actors, style, scenery, setting, value, price, design, content, or many other components. The paper will still have an introduction, body parts (main ideas), and a conclusion. Make sure you meet all the deadlines and follow all the instructions that the teacher gives you.

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