Writing A Brilliant Immigration Exploratory Essay: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Have you been asked to write an exploratory essay on immigration? Don’t know where to begin? Well, there is always help available, so here’s my step-by-step guide:

What is an exploratory essay then?

An exploratory essay looks at a subject from all debated points of view. It does not try to argue a claim, rather it is the argument itself that is explored. You should include your personal view on the subject at hand, but you shouldn’t argue your own opinions.

What’s the point?

The objects of this type of paper are to explain the argument in question, relate the sides of the argument had by different people and groups, and give your own response to the question.

How to write an introduction.

In the introduction, you should define the issue and inform the reader of the arguable question. For instance, if the immigration topic to be discussed is: Are legal immigrant workers in the United States helping or hindering the economy? You would relate in a concise and clear manner the detail of what is meant by the question and the basic opposing views.

What about the content?

The chapter content of the main body text should consist of presenting the relevant evidence from all sides. At the very least, three differing opinions on the immigration question in hand should be included.


Remember that an exploratory essay is simply exploring an argument. The subject has posed a question that can’t be solved, only discussed- so remember to be clear in your presentation with this in mind.

How to write a conclusion.

When it comes to writing the conclusion, you should state your own opinion on the specific immigration issue being debated, which may concur with one of the viewpoints of cited sources amongst the paper, or it could be a completely different opinion all together.

You should briefly restate the intentions and arguments of the essay and propose whether any suitable conclusions may be met. You should also use the conclusion to challenge your reader to come up with their own answer to the question at hand.

How to be brilliant!

To write a truly brilliant exploratory essay, you’ll need to go head and shoulders above the rest. To do this, you could pick a unique area of the immigration topic, but above all it’s simply a matter of how much research, study and attention you give the project. Like with anything, the more time and focus you can give something, the better it will be. So make plenty of notes, sketch out some structures and spend a lot of time thinking before you even begin the actual writing!

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