Consumerism's Negative Effect on the Environment

Consumerism is considered the trademark of most world economies. It is a popular phenomenon in the west. To date, the developing countries are also resorting to it. Presently, the rate of consumption is rising at an alarming rate. Most individuals wish to increase their spending and buying power so as to keep up with others. Due to the increased consumer demands, the planet has been out of balance for many years. Thus, the imbalance is showing itself in form of climate change. Notably, climatic change and its effects will continue worsening thus causing an environmental disaster. For this reason, this paper highlights the adverse effects that consumerism has on the environment.

Pollution and environmental degradation are the two main effects of consumerism on the environment. With environmental degradation, high levels of production and consumption require large inputs of energy. Additionally, it generates large waste quantities of by-products. Excessive demand for consumer products has led to the creation of current environmental imbalances. As a result, these imbalances have caused an ecological disaster in diverse places worldwide. Most important, the consumption of food also affects the environment adversely due to the amount of land needed to produce food. Boreholes are also dug for harvesting water that is essential for livestock and irrigating crops as well. Due to the continuous increase in environmental damage, there will come a time when the planet will no not be in a position to support its functioning. To be precise, environmental imbalances result from high levels of consumerism.

Another effect of consumerism on environment is pollution. Increased exploitation and extraction of natural resources, concentration of pollutants, and resources accumulation can damage the environment. It can also limit economic activities. Plastic bags are also hazardous to the environment since most individuals dispose them into waterways. Livestock can also consume the waste paper bags and end up suffocating thus becoming hazardous. With huge consumer demands, there are more vehicles that run on motor oil. As a result, this oil pollutes the environment. Used motor oil is the main source of pollution in the environment. It is true that pollution is a serious problem that results in due huge consumerism.

Consumerism has resulted in environmental imbalances. The high rate of consumption and rapid growth in the production of materialism and goods has resulted in environmental devastation. It is important that the appropriate actions be taken to end the environmental crisis. Craving for more goods is high due to consumerism.

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