Right Brain Vs Left Brain

This essay will explore the pros and cons of the right side of the brain and the left. We will see how the right brain directs much of our thinking in the direction of mostly pointless exercises and emotions. The products of these exercises are often seen in art, music, and silly daydreaming. On the other hand, the left brain produces real, tangible results because it drives us to logic and getting things done. By the end of this essay, we will see that left brain thinkers are far superior to right brain thinkers.

Right brain fluff

People who are more prone to right brain thinking are irrational and over-emotional about everything. They are more interested in music, art, and living in a daydream than actually being present and making the world go round. People like this often fall into the notion that they can predict the future or “feel” when something good or bad is going to happen. They fancy themselves able to tap into some other dimension and connect with spiritual entities.

Left brain gets things done

Left brain thinkers are logical and love to analyze everything. They are good at strategizing how something should be done and are excellent planners. These individuals are good at language skills, math, and rely on facts rather than intuition. They are more interested in the words of songs than the melody and would not listen to music unless it contributed something to their wellbeing.

And the winner is...

The left brain thinkers are definitely better than right brain thinkers. These are the individuals that are creating computer systems that improve the lives of people on the planet. Right brain thinkers are the types that sell everything they have to buy a guitar and sit on a street corner to “follow their dreams.” They fail to contribute much to society and end up leeching on those who get things done.

While the right brain is necessary for functions such as music enjoyment and imagination, these pale in comparison to the importance of the left brain functions. The world needs left brain thinkers so that the world can advance and progress in every aspect. Of course we do need the right side of our brain for certain functions, but these must be blended with a lot of left brain thinking in order to bear any fruit.

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