Writing An Interesting Opinion Essay On Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451, an eye-opening book written by Roy Bradbury in 1953, has been eulogized and criticized by different factions. The tenet it brings forth is quite harrowing but extremely feasible; it brings to light the gradual vitiation of the world.

The side to take

Writing an opinion essay on the book will actually call for the side of the river you are on. This book is largely an allegory; even if it may not have been written with that in mind. It is a beacon to the fact that what we don’t relish, we ultimately submit to the bin to be shredded.

The synopsis

The book brings us to a future society where books will cease to be of importance owing to the unethical and irreverent content. They will be outlawed and sanctioned to be burned. Those who will not be able to lose their love for books will remain exiled while the world will run on, sniffing the presence of hidden books and eventually burning the whole infrastructure.

Choking the inner voice

The people will not let themselves hear the voice of their conscience nor cater to the deep-seated love they have for books. They will make up their mind that books are Satan and ought to be incarcerated.

The allegorical twist

Now, allegorically, the books can stand for anything; parents, virtues; compassion or any other positive attitude. Your opinion piece may actually delve into the linear quotients of the book or sketch out that which is implied in the book. Are we actually headed that much into hedonism that we fail to construe the positives that keep us humane?

Confused protagonist

The protagonist Guy Montag is himself quite confused and tends to believe what he hears. He is trapped by his own limitations and only later shows streaks of rebellion as he burn his own boss and takes on the hound he formerly dreaded.

The ignition point

Try to drive significant points in your opinion essay. Fahrenheit 451 is actually believed to be a temperature at which pages burn automatically. Seek the ignition points of our virtues or vices where they naturally extinguish. This is of course largely dependent on the side you take.

The other segments

You may also endeavor to bring out new segments; the behavior of secondary characters; the courage and hope of Granger to secure something for the further future. There is no end to the streaks you may explore in the book.

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